Department of Languages

The Department of Languages (formerly Centre for Languages) specializes in developing innovative academic programs and knowledge pathways in the domain of languages and culture studies. Today, the increasing international character of the social, political or economic spheres provide exciting opportunities for study and work across sectors such as travel and tourism, diplomatic services, education, corporate world, entertainment, and communications, to name a few. Keeping this in mind, the study of foreign languages and cultural mediation are focus areas at our institution and are infused with the objectives of creating the required academic capital for facilitating a deeper engagement of India with the wider world and expanding learning and career avenues for students.

The Department of Languages shares its history with both Manipal Centre for European Studies and the Alliance Française de Bangalore – Manipal Chapter, which were pioneering initiatives by MAHE in 2009 to further the cause of international higher education. The Centre for (Foreign) Languages was established in 2016 to accentuate already ongoing endeavors by the Centre for European Studies in the field of languages and India-Europe higher education collaborations. More than 5000 students have benefitted from language classes through the Centre and its institutional partners over the years. In April 2019, the Centre was reconstituted as a Department and as a specialized academic unit to further enhance the scope of foreign language and cultural mediation studies in India.